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PIEX Group’s digitalization: a foundation for its development

PIEX Group - blog - La digitalisation de PIEX Group, un socle pour son développement

the digitalization of piex group’s business serves three main goals:

Quality, by improving order processing times and precision in order preparation,

Commercial Performance, by widely sharing sales, stock, and market data for better decision-making by sales and logistics teams,

Growth, by decorrelating the volumes of orders processed from available human resources thanks to partial computerization of the processes.

The digitization of warehouses through implementation of a WMS (Warehouse Management System) has made it possible to get rid of paper by significantly improving team productivity while greatly improving processing times.

The new system allows to manage Piex development more fluidly, the volumes of orders processed being no longer directly correlated with the human resources available to process them.


This management system monitors all processes and manages operations from receipt of products to dispatch of orders, optimizing preparation. It improves storage capacity by reducing handling operations.

Le rangement automatisé des stocks génère aussi un important gain de temps car les opérateurs savent exactement où trouver chaque produit en temps réel.


This tool improves and facilitates stock management, order tracking, product performance monitoring by country, and also provides access to certain market data.

Shared between partner principals, commercial teams and agencies in charge of product promotion, as well as Piex’ teams and its shareholders, the tool aims, thanks to real-time data sharing, at ensuring an efficient management of product availability at all levels of the supply chain and an even more efficient order tracking for a better processing. It also allows the commercial performance of a product to be measured against the market and competing products.

It also allows the commercial performance of a product to be measured against the market and competing products. It also allows the commercial performance of a product to be measured against that of the market as a whole and of competing products in particular.

Developed with the support of the company OpenHealth, a specialist in the processing and sharing of health data, the new system was launched in June 2021, and it will be offered in a free and paid version, depending on the services subscribed to by the partners.

New modules will be offered at a later stage, with the ambition of bringing together on a single platform all the sales and stock data necessary for the management of a commercial activity around Healthcare Products, from the factory to the pharmacist, in all the countries of sub-Saharan Africa.


Dedicated and reserved for customers, this extranet platform will make commercial operations more fluid. This is a real transformation for pharmacist and wholesaler customers who often had no choice but to write an order manually and then send it by e-mail or fax. It then had to be checked, corrected if necessary, confirmed and finally processed and shipped.

Many of these steps are now handled automatically by the platform, reducing the risk of errors, and speeding up order processing. Synchronized with PIEX Group’s central database, the solution avoids ordering products that are out of stock or prohibited for sale in the destination country.

PIEX Group is implementing this solution in a way benefitting to customers, like what can be found in most advanced economies in the world.

PIEX teams have been trained and instructions and tutorials have been prepared for customers to support the process change that will gradually become the standard for placing purchase orders.

In the future, the development of new modules will also make available on the platform all the regulatory documentation required for the import of pharmaceutical products (Marketing Authorizations, Import Authorizations, Certificates of Analysis, etc.).


PIEX Group uses the services of the Sindup platform to follow the latest news on the markets and the pharmaceutical industry. Built on specific research axes, this tool provides a synthesis of useful articles by analyzing major trends, such as weak signals.

PIEX Group will regularly share useful information by newsletters distributed to customers and partners.

All these systems improve the productivity and efficiency of the PIEX Group teams, which will thus be able to accelerate its growth on a strong basis, by better serving its customers’ and partners’ needs.
The company’s ambition is to distribute more products in more markets and generate economies of scale that will continue to contain costs. This fits perfectly with the mission of “making health accessible to all in Africa”.