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PIEX Group launches its e-commerce platform

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This is a real transformation for PIEX customers who often had no choice but to write an order manually and then send it by email or fax. It then had to be verified, corrected, if necessary, confirmed and finally processed and shipped.

Many of these steps are now handled automatically by the platform, which reduces the risk of error and speeds up order processing.

Synchronized with PIEX Group’s central database, the solution avoids ordering products that are out of stock or forbidden to be sold in the destination country.

It took a year of development to integrate the know-how of the PIEX Group’s teams into a user-friendly and intuitive system that allows customers to get up to speed quickly.

This tailor-made development considers, country by country, the possible logistic means, the products authorized for sale, the inventories, the quantities: for example, Para pharmaceutical products are only distributed by whole boxes.

To help this evolution, PIEX Group offers all the necessary support and training so that the customers who have Internet access and a browser can obtain all the desired advantages from the e-commerce platform.

We no longer must explain what e-commerce is or its benefits.

Instead, it is interesting to see how the features can transform the operations of a distributor in Africa:

  1. Catalog with an intuitive navigation

Products are displayed considering legal constraints (authorizations by country).

Intuitive navigation (by manufacturer, product type, pharmaceutical form…), with complete product sheets.

View on substitute products if a brand is temporarily out of stock.

Discovery of new products to expand its offer according to the needs of its customers.

  1. Multi source search engine

Search by reference, description, laboratory…

Powerful and fast, it allows you to find drugs and health products much faster than by consulting a physical list.

  1. Quick order system

Add products and order quantities directly from the search result.

  1. Saving lists and order history

Facilitates the entry of recurring orders.

In the near future, the system will provide the customer with an overview of his activity with PIEX Group.

  1. Automated checks

As soon as the order is placed, the system checks the list of pharmaceuticals authorized for sale in the destination country. The customer avoids wasting time.

  1. Choice of shipping means

The system allows for the selection of incoterms and freight forwarders.

If there is more than one way to ship the order, the customer can arbitrate according to the time required and the costs to serve his patients quickly and at the best price.

  1. Real time cost calculation

Without waiting for the quote from PIEX, the customer now sees the amount of his order on the screen and only has to confirm in one click.

  1. After-sales service

Soon, customers will be able to track their orders and know in real time their status in the supply chain 24/7, until they are shipped or given to the forwarder.

  1. Customer care

The customer can exchange in instant messaging with the sales representatives.

  1. Secure environment

The platform is continuously updated: underlying technologies, supports, environment… Piex Group implements this solution so that its customers* benefit from an efficiency and speed of order processing and routing as good as that found in fully industrialized economies.

Created for pharmaceutical professionals, this B2B extranet ordering platform also improves the productivity and efficiency of PIEX Group’s sales teams, which will thus be able to accelerate its growth.

The company’s ambition is to distribute more products in more markets and generate economies of scale that will continue to contain costs. This fits perfectly with the mission of “making health accessible to all in Africa”.

*To access the e-commerce platform you must be a customer of PIEX Group.